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disaster recovery plan

The importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

All it takes is to accidentally click on the wrong email and years of your precious data could be lost.

Ransomware and other cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated every year and it takes no more than a split second distraction for the whole network to be shut down.

What do you have in place if this happens?

Regardless of the size of your company or the number of staff, Netway recommends that every company who use computers take proactive measures and invest in a disaster recovery plan and data backups.


Our disaster recovery services and data backup solutions

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are processes that help organisations prepare for disruptive events—whether those events include a cyclone or simply a power outage caused by a hole in the parking lot.

Netway’s involvement in this process can range from overseeing the plan to provide input and support to placing the plan into action during an emergency.

Business continuity is part information, part logistics and part business processes. To complete a comprehensive continuation plan, it is important to consider all three aspects.

Netway Networks Business Continuity Planning Services offer a systematic approach to developing, testing and maintaining comprehensive business continuity.

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Data Backups

What would happen to your business if a disaster, such as an office fire, destroyed all of your records?

What if a thief stole your hardware?

Or what if the destruction includes your backups?

Some companies are unable to recover from the resulting damage to their business.

Why not insure against this?

Place the responsibility of maintaining your backups on the shoulders of people with the right technical training -people you can trust.

For more information about our Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery services, please contact us.

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Data backups

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