Cisco Firepower
Intrusion Protection System

What is Cisco Firepower Intrusion Protection System?

Cisco Firepower Intrusion Protection System monitors your network 24x7 for the presence of any intruders, hackers or other threat.

Firepower Intrusion Protection System is built on enterprise grade hardware and continuously receives new security updates and lists of known threats keeping your network safe and secure.

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Features of Firepower Intrusion Prevention System

Advanced Security

Firepower Intrusion Prevention System features industry-leading security controls ensuring hackers stay out of your network


Firepower Intrusion Prevention System can be configured to your specific needs, ensuring it monitors what you want

Increased Visibility

Firepower Next-Generation Firewalls offer increased visibility and greater metrics into the status of your network


Firepower Intrusion Prevention System receives new security updates and definitions every 2 hours, ensuring you are always protected against the newest threats

Benefits of Firepower Intrusion Prevention System to your business


Firepower Intrusion Protection System runs 24x7 continuously keeping hackers out of your network


Firepower Intrusion Protection System runs on enterprise grade hardware allowing for high-throughput and low latency 

Cost effective

Enterprise grade network security solutions, without the extensive price tag

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Our Firepower Services

Cisco Webex Services


Looking for new Firepower hardware? Look no further. We are Premier Partners and have extensive Cisco accreditation.

Cisco Webex Services Australia

Implementation and setup

We are experts in the provisioning and setup of Cisco Firepower and have assisted many businesses. 

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Management and Support

After you go live we will proactively monitor and manage your Firepower system keeping your network running smoothly.

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