IP Endpoints

IP Endpoints Telephony

Unlock a door remotely?

Access your security camera video feed from your mobile phone? It's easy with an integrated surveillance and security system. 

 One benefit of using an IP based communications network is the interoperability and flexibility in adding other IP based services to your business. Surveillance is one example. We believe that your converged communications network should be set up to easily add other services such as surveillance and remote security management.


Surveillance (IP Cameras)

Using cameras built to operate on an IP based network, integrated surveillance means you can view and control remotely located cameras as easily as making a phone call. Camera options include the ability to pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) remotely - so long as you have an internet connection your cameras, security lighting, door locks or even your PA system can be used.

We’ve implemented campus-wide security, lockdown and emergency notification systems in a variety of schools and consulted on installations of over 2000 IP based cameras at one site.

You can add remote control of your entire asset security system by using an IP based network. Whether you want to view a camera to see who's at the front door, make public address announcements from your mobile phone or even lock down areas of your premises during an emergency, Netway Networks are experts in integrating Asset Security services that need to work when called upon.



IP Endpoints

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