IT Hardware and Software Procurement 

Looking for wholesale hardware and software without managing endless vendor relationships?

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IT Hardware and Software Procurement Services

IT Hardware and Software procurement for any project

If you are looking for wholesale Hardware and Software Procurement at wholesale prices we can help. 

We have strategic vendor partnerships with all major IT hardware and software vendors and work with them to provide our clients with wholesale prices and exclusive access to new product lines. 

Whether you are looking for managed hardware and software, once-off purchases or ongoing procurement, we can work with you to get the right products in your business based on your needs.

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We can provide you with quotes for any IT hardware or software you need

Here are some of the brands we prefer to work with

Hardware and Software Procurement

Managed Hardware as a Service

Our Managed Hardware as a Service combines hardware procurement, setup, licencing, management, support and replacement into one combined package.

With Hardware as a Service, we take care of your hardware needs while lowering your capital expenditure and removing the issue of costly obsolete and outdated hardware.

We conduct an audit of your existing hardware, your current hardware needs and get to know your business to understand your future hardware needs. With this knowledge, we contact our vendors to find the perfect hardware for your needs.

We then take care of all installation, set-up, management, troubleshooting, routine service and, when the time comes, replacement.

A managed Hardware as a Service plan ensures that you never have to worry about your hardware or use outdated and slow devices again, we take care of it all!

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IT Hardware Procurement

Why choose us to provide you with your Hardware and Software?

Here is why hundreds of Australian businesses trust Netway Networks

IT Hardware Procurement Services

Vendor Partnerships

We have strategically aligned ourselves with a number of vendors. Through years of mutually fruitful partnerships, we have been able to unlock wholesale pricing passing the savings back to you.

hardware procurement explained


We have been operating since 1999 and all of our engineers have vast experience throughout the IT world. We have worked with most products and can provide you with a seamless experience.

Managed Hardware as a Service


Unsure what hardware and software you should be using? We can help you through our consulting services and provide you with a recommendation based on our experience. 

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