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The importance of Network Security Testing and Auditing

As a business, there is nothing more important than the security and integrity of your network. 

Your Network is the lifeline of your operations. You need to be certain that there are no holes or backdoors into your network leading to compromised data. 

As Network Security Testing and Auditing specialists, we can provide you with an analysis of your Network and potential vulnerabilities so that you can close them before they are exploited!

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Our Network Security and Auditing Services

The importance of Network Security Testing and Auditing

Penetration Testing

We look for holes in the design of your Network and Internet setup and guide you on what to patch/replace.

Network Security Testing and Auditing Services

Application Security Testing

Do you use specialised 3rd party applications that you are unsure of the security? We can test them and provide you with a report of their security.

network security testing services

Hardware Evaluation

We audit and evaluate the hardware connected through your Network and look for outdated machines with vulnerabilities.

network security services

Policy Review

Audit of current policies and procedures and identification of the threats/gaps they leave on your network.

network security

Device Identification

Identification of devices accessing your network. Great for determining if BYOD/mobile devices are accessing sensitive areas.

IT network security

Licensing Evaluation

Sometimes licenses expire without warning and cause endless headaches for your IT department. 

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