Business Video Conferencing Solutions 

Take your business further with face-to-face video conferencing solutions

Why invest in video conferencing?

With our video conferencing solutions, you don't need to be in the same room let alone the same part of the world!

With a solid internet connection and the right equipment, video conferencing has never been easier.


Why Netway Networks?

You want an easy to deploy a solution that drives collaboration between your business. 

Maybe you have multiple offices across different states or countries? 

Perhaps you have many remote workers who require face-to-face mentoring?

We provide you with the technology and make it simple to drive collaboration without the barriers. 


Video conferencing solutions
Business video conferencing solutions

Video conferencing to grow your business

Video conferencing adds a visual dimension to telephone conferences for two or more participants and is no longer limited to sitting in front of a dedicated machine.

Telepresence is the pinnacle of video conferencing, offering high-definition video and audio and a large field of vision. The basic premise is to replicate as far as possible the environment in which the meeting or conference is taking place.

This allows for a far more immersive experience than standard video conferencing. In many cases, this can assist with productivity where a meeting participant does not have to commute to attend. The cost of video conference solutions continues to decline, and the relative quality continues to rise.

Our solutions provide highly scalable, high-quality video conferencing products. Ease of use is our primary focus, this with the ability to initiate or join Telepresence sessions from familiar interfaces, such as the telephone handset or Outlook. Products include equipment for turning a flat panel display into a Telepresence endpoint through to communications infrastructure.  


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