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Wireless network not performing as promised?

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The importance of Wireless Network Surveys

The structure and setup of your wireless network is incredibly important to the performance of your operations.

Whether you are looking to deploy a wireless network or audit the performance of your current setup, we can provide you with a comprehensive investigation and written report on the performance of your wireless network. 

We will include information such as data transfer rates from locations across your premises, an assessment of interference from other adjacent networks and what changes could be made to your existing wifi network to improve overall performance.

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Our Wireless Network Survey Services

Here's how our services can help your network

Pre-Existing Networks

If you have a pre-existing Network with heavy network traffic, you should regularly audit the performance.

We provide end-to-end Wireless Network Audits for any site required.

Pre-Installation Surveys

We do an analysis of the environment of your new network and provide you with a recommended proposal for equipment and telco provider ensuring you get the most from your Wireless Network. 

Great for office moves and new businesses!

Telco Auditing

We provide you with an immediate  virtual   analysis of your current Internet plan. This is a free service that helps you determine if you are getting the speeds and performance that you should be getting.

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